Ten Fall Flowers From Around the World

Hello everyone! Star Dust Cosplay here, with another article! This time I'm here to talk about Fall flowers from around the world! Ever wonder what kind of flowers to put in your fall garden? Let's talk about that shall we?

1) The Balloon Flower 

A beautiful work of nature. The buds will actually puff up until they pop open, revealing the beautiful bell-shaped flowers.  Hence why they got the nickname of the Balloon. Mostly found in China.

2.) Celosia

This flower is an edible plant. Often found in East Africa’s highlands and are used under their Swahili name, mfungu. It doesn't often produce pumes. It is often used as a source of food. A beautiful flower to add to your garden!

3.) Michaelmas Daisy

They actually bloom in response to the shortening days just like mums. Plant them together in complementary colours and your beds will really pop. Often found in Europe and Asia!

4.) Heather

Contains a morphologically diverse range of things, herbs, shrubs, and trees. Found mostly through out the Northern states. Still, a beautiful piece for any fall garden!

5.) Iberis

These flowers only bloom twice a year! Once in the early spring, and the once in the late fall! Truly a remarkable piece of nature! These bloom mostly around England!

6.) Chrysanthemums

Fall's most popular  symbolises optimism, joy and longevity. The yellow colour of this particular flower means long love. This flower appears all over the world, but mostly can be found in the U.S.A.

7.) Pansy

This flower, blooms in the coldest conditions. It can even survive a light bit of snow. Blooms mainly in Australia

8.) Sedum

This spring like flower, tends to bring all the butterflies to your garden due to its bright and pink colours. Blooms mainly around Europe.

9.) Russian Sage

This flower is in the mint family. It is known to be edible and can survive harsh winter conditions. Found mostly in Central Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.)

10.) Helenium

Has the nickname "Sneezeweezed." Ironically, wont make you sneeze. It blossoms in bright and red colours, making it a natural beauty for any garden. Grows in the dryer side of England.

There you have it! Ten flowers from around the world that you can put into your garden! Do you have any other suggestions for someones fall garden? Tell us in the comments below!