Magical Girl Market 2018

Hello everyone, Stardust Cosplay here again, this time for the event Magical Girl Market ! This event features the art and works of magical talented girls.

The Magical Girl Market ran on Saturday April 21st, 2018 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

It was a very safe, welcoming environment for people to come in, talk, mingle and shop.

First off, Let's check out a couple of the cosplayers who attended the event!

These are just a couple examples of the talented cosplayers and costumers who showed up for Magical Girl Market.
Besides cosplaying, there was the booths, so many booths and vendors. All were different. All had exceptional things to sell! Let's check out some of them:

(The Foragers Club)
Over at the Foragers Club, they sold hand made prints. There were many print booklets you could look thru. All beautiful work.

(Adisa Codner Creations)
At this Corner, it was perfect if you were into buttons. They had buttons from Sailor Moon and Steven Universe just as examples. And many items to do with being a witch, it was rare to find.

(Nikkie Stinchcombe-Illustrator)
Next, at this table, the illustrator made her own hand made prints. Very beautiful and nicely done.

(Extra Muffins-Sarah Mitton)
At this table, they sold charms, jewerly, bookmarks, stickets, and so on! All were really cute and nicely made!

Next up, we have a table with essential oils that would help you with cleansing and your daily living. Really nice oils, I must say.

facebook: (@T.
Over here, we have an artist who made her own artwork. Very unique. Not the type of work you'd see on a daily basis.

(facebook: KwaiiSheriff)
Next up, we have a table that made their own prints of your favorite characters. They even had buttons and stickers. For sure, a booth worth checking out.

(Laura Smith-Mavrick's Emporium)
At this table, we have my friend Laura, she makes hand mad crafts sells earrings, buttons, dice, everything your heart could think of. There was so much to see at this table we couldn't get everything in one shot! Worth checking out!

(Virulent Lemons)
(facebook-@Virulent Lemons)
Lastly, at this table we have a vendor with a unique style of buttons, prints, and handcrafted items. Very cool stuff!

Besides all that, there was a workshop room for girls to participate in, as well as a gaming room. 

It was a booming sensation this past Saturday! The event had a great turn out.

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About The Journalist:
Lorrene Gibeault is a Cosplayer, and has been a Journalist & Photographer with Digital Mayhem Radio for over 3 years.

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