G-Anime 2018 Winter Edition

For the first time ever, Digital Mayhem Radio has the pleasure of covering a Con in Gatineau, Quebec, G-Anime!. 

G-Anime Winter edition was held January 19-21 2018 at the Palais des Congrès – Gatineau, QC. It is a convention where Geeks, Cosplayers, Gamers, could all gather together and have a great time! Not to mention get awesome swag, art from local artists, and play Retro Video Games.

There were many famous guests who attended this particular event such as Adeline Chetail (voice actor), Réal Bossé (actor), Arkada (youtuber)Kuniko Kato (fashion designer), and many more who attended!

G-Anime had many panels to offer, hosted by the Special Guests. You got to go in and ask them questions and hear their stories. It was a lot of fun for everyone. There even was a Maquerade panel of the cosplays where they were judged for the best cosplay and crowned victorious!

There were also screening rooms, where attendees could go in and watch anime! How cool is that!? You could go to a convention with your fellow friends and watch anime together on the big screen!

The Retro Gaming Room: It had booths selling games and such items as Magic, board games, pokemon cards, and much more. There were different video game systens set up such as Sega Genesis, Dance Revouloution, Gamecube, and much more! Everyone was having a great time playing the games, talking, laughing and hanging out together!

Of course, there was also the many booths set up in the Dealers Room! It was a huge room where artists and vendors were all set up selling their items, and people could browse around and shop and see all the wonderful things they had put out on their tables!

Lastly, but certainly not least, the Cosplay of G-Anime 2018 Winter Edition! There were many great cosplays by attendees this year. Unfortunately, the data on our drive was corrupted, and we are not able to present our Cosplay Photography from this event, so you'll have to take our word for it!

To sum it up, G-Anime Winter edition was a huge succeess. The con itself had many attendees on the weekend. It was their 10th edition, running strong since 2009. G-Anime 2018 was the place to be that weekend!

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About The Journalist:
Lorrene Gibeault is a Cosplayer, and has been a Journalist & Photographer with Digital Mayhem Radio for over 3 years.

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