Free e-books? Try Bookangel!

Hello everyone, Star Dust Cosplay here with another article! This time the article focuses around a favorite hobby of mine; Books! 

Are you a bookworm? If so, I've got the website for you;

What is Bookangel you ask? Well, it's a website for readers to get access to free e-books! Now, how cool is that? It's a website for anyone that enjoys reading books. Everyday readers of all ages can go to this site and get access to free e-books! Pretty nifty I think! Then again, I happen to be a big bookworm.

It has a lot of options for free e-books such as; The Trouble With Misbehaving by Victoria Hanlen, Solider of Fortune by Kathleen Mclure, Past Tense By Malcolm Macdonald, and so many more!

About Bookangel: "We feature e-books from Amazon UK which are temporarily free to UK Kindle users. Selected books will be chosen from these to review. Readers can sign up for email newsletters, check the site, or follow us on Twitter for daily updates."

There is a forum where you can discuss your favourite reads, or just talk with fellow book enthusiasts. There is also sections for today's free e-books and up coming free e-books. As well as that, there is a search box where you can search for the titles you want!

I think its a really great site and, and its very easy to use! If you're looking for e-books is the place to go!

Have you used their site before? Tell us in the comments below!